Best answer: Is Lego environmentally friendly?

After 72 years and billions of interlocking polymer toy bricks, the company finally has an eco-friendly alternative. Each year, more than 380 million metric tons of plastic is produced worldwide. Lego is responsible for 100,000 metric tons of it.

Is LEGO plastic sustainable?

Last year, the company announced it will begin removing single-use plastic from its boxes. Lego defines a sustainable material as something that is “responsibly produced, using renewable or recycled resources, generating little or no waste, use sustainable chemistry and be fully recyclable at the end of its life.”

Are Legos wasteful?

Its heft, however, brings with it a substantial carbon footprint. Lego emits about a million tons of carbon dioxide each year, about three-quarters of which comes from the raw materials that go into its factories, according to Tim Brooks, the company’s vice president for environmental responsibility.

Is Duplo eco friendly?

The toy blocks are specially developed for small children to play with. … The product and the packaging are sustainable and recyclable, made from the sugar cane plant through the use of FSC cardboard and environmentally-friendly building blocks.

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