What is MOCplans?

MOCplans is the first and only online marketplace to buy and Sell custom instructions using LEGO brand parts from designers across the world. If you are interested in some of the amazing LEGO creations that exist there is a chance that the instructions for that model are available here on MOCplans. If you are a designer of custom models you are able to upload, reveal and even notify all of your followers of your creations for sale.  MOCplans is designed to be viewable from any platform on any device to allow a broad usage.  

How does it work?

When you have browsed the site and found a Model you would like to purchase you simply “buy” that model and you will be able to view the instruction files. Along with this you will be able to take the inventory files to other sites such as Rebrickable, Peeron, or Bricklink to start collecting for your new build.

Wait, what is a MOC?

MOC is a user created acronym used in the LEGO world that stands for “My Own Creation”. It typically is used as a blanket term for any custom LEGO model that wasn’t officially released by LEGO directly.

How do I purchase the MOC?

All you need to do is add the item to your cart and checkout. Right now Paypal is the only method of payment since its used quite universally in the LEGO world but if you have a recommendation of another universal payment system feel free to Contact Us

OK, I purchased a MOC plan…now what?

In order to access you plans you simply need to be logged in.  While logged in you will be able to see your purchased plans on your account page which has links to the purchased plans.  Alternitively you can go to the product page and if you are logged in you will see that the "add to cart" button has changed to "view instructions".   Now, with the plans, sellers are required to provide inventories in a variety of formats. This includes some online inventory site like Rebrickable or even some computer based inventory programs like Brickstore. Of course both of these tools will aid you in locating the parts either from LEGO direct or from Bricklink sellers so you can start building your MOC.

How do I get my plans?

Simple!  Upon checkout you will be emailed a receipt that has a link to access the instructions.  Since this is somewhat cumbersome to always refer back to you can also simply log-in to your account and see your purchased plans.  As a last method, you can actually just revisit the MOC’s page and if you are logged in you will notice that the “add to cart” button has now changed to “view instructions”.

Can I download my purchased Plans?

While most of us are used to downloading PDF's, MOCplans is entirely online.  This format allows us to protect against piracy of the plans and ensure a consistent user expierence (even on tablets and mobile).

What if there is a problem with the Plans?

Please contact the sellers directly to discuss any problems with the Plans. While every attempt is made to only have quality instructions for purchase mistakes can be made.

How can I add my MOC?

While the site is still in Beta we are only offering a few instructions to work out the bugs and make sure everything is working properly on the buying side before we open up to more designers and eventually to all designers. In the meantime, please see our Designer Sign-up page to get on our mailing list for when we open up the site for anyone to register and sell their instructions. Please see our Sellers FAQ section.

I have a MOC, but don’t know how to create instructions?

This happens more than you might realize. There are a few instruction creators that, for a fee, will be willing to take your digital CAD file and create amazing instructions ready for sale. If you are interested in this service please email us at team@mocplans.com and we will put you in touch with some of these people.

How can I help?

Well, more than anything, just let us know if there are any issues you are having or any recommendations for improvements you may have. This is a new site and as such there will be many bugs to work out. We can be contacted at team@mocplans.com, our contact page or even at the MOCplans Forum!

Where can I find more?

Be sure to check out the MOCplans Forum for discussions on the MOC’s available for sale and upcoming features and improvements coming to the site.