Ingmar Spijkhoven

Ingmar Spijkhoven AKA 2LegoOrNot2Lego is a dedicated LEGO® MOC builder. His first build, US Truck 2 was enthusiastically received by the LEGO® community through out the world. After which he build many more MOCs!

As child he played a lot with LEGO® but growing up at the age of 15 he lost interest. After about 20 years he fell in love with the woman who became his wife. Here son at the age of 7 back then made Ingmar play with LEGO® again. With this the dark ages (the time a person stopped building with LEGO®) of Ingmar were ended.

Ingmar's love for trucks and chromed parts is still alive and has a much better solution available these days. Now actually chrome plated LEGO® pieces made way for the aluminum foil. Both originally chrome sprayed LEGO® pieces as custom chrome plated pieces are used.

The Lego Company (TLC) invented and produced so many amazing new parts. To start building LEGO® models again a lot of time was invested in discovering all these new parts with the Internet as main source.

With all the new and improved parts Ingmar could do a much better job on building LEGO® models or so called MOCs. TLC first released so called LEGO® Power Functions® (LPF) with Technic Set 8275 Motorized Bulldozer. He invested in multiple LPF to build more advanced MOCs.


You can see some of Ingmars work on youtube HERE.

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