I got my first Lego Technic set at the age of 10 on Christmas day –  the 8840 buggy combined with the 8720 power pack - a great toy for that time! At this age I wasn`t able to have possession of many Lego pieces until having own money earned by fair means later. More than that - I had to share everything with my younger brothers. After playing around for a while with the given possibilities by using the electric motor for the drive soon I realized the missing steering which could not be moved without the use of a second motor and remote – how sad! Since then I had a dream: it would be so nice to steer my own made Lego vehicle, tank, tractor or whatever – and why not cordless (!) someday…

Some day, after the so called dark ages, this dream came true! I got seriously interested in making functional Lego vehicles – attracted by the appearance of the 8043 excavator set, a Christmas present again. It provides 4 M motors and 2 sets of remotes and IR receivers and opens a vast variety for powering up anything in your imagination – just let`s build something else! Since then the fascination especially for the new studless Technic system grew more and more and a row of additional sets and special parts came along. My preferred supercar theme will stay for a while. Soon the successors of this model will expand my shelf for sure!




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